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Ideally, puff pastry should be golden and smooth.
With over 100 million choux pastries produced
every year in our Renaison facility,
we’ve mastered the art
of this subtle dough.
The origin of choux pastry can be traced back to the 16th century, when the fa- mous Italian pastry chef of Catherine de Médicis, Popelini, invented a type of dough cooked over fire (“pâte à chaud” in French).
In the 19th century, the pastry was reinvented by Antonin Carême, who popula- rised the dessert known as a “pièce montée.”




With flour, of course, butter, and most importantly: fresh eggs. The pastry can then be dusted with icing sugar or pearl sugar, and for an ultra-indulgent finish, chocolate—a real treat!
Our chouquette puffs are sold ready- to-bake and frozen on paper sheets for greater ease of preparation. With their sweet taste, their fluffy, crispy-smooth texture and lightly rounded shape, they are difficult to re- sist when they first come out of the oven!
A chouquette must be eaten whole to feel the crunch of its sugar coating. It is best enjoyed when baked to golden perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Getting to this point is a true art!


A bite-sized dessert, it is rare for consumers to buy just one. Chouquette puffs are perfect at breakfast or snack time - no,
they’re perfect at any time of day,
for children and adults alike!
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