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In French, the word “entremets” comes from an expression that means “between courses”. It is synonymous with elegance and refinement, and has since become associated with the final course of a meal, which we call “dessert”. A French dessert comes in many forms and often combines di erent textures. Layers alternate between melt-in-the-mouth and crunchy or velvety smooth and crispy. Textures and Tastes are paired for a truly gourmet experience. Made from biscuits, cream, light mousses and sometimes fruit, desserts provide a festive finish to any meal.

With more than 30 years of experience, we o er a wide range of des- serts in a variety of shapes and flavours.


We have succeeded in adapting artisanal methods with industrial production, without ever compromising our recipes. Products are
first prepared by pastry chefs in the factory labs before being transferred to the productions line.


We are involved in every step of the process,
from the baking of biscuit
layers to adding the final,
delicate touches to a dessert.


We begin with quality biscuits prepared using the finest ingredients and traditional methods. These pastry bases form the pedestals of our desserts and are available in dacquoise sponge, almond meringue or joconde sponge pastry. They are rich in almonds and eggs, and our ladyfinger biscuits add a flu y and gourmet texture to your desserts. But this is just the beginning! Our pastry creams are made to strict standards and must undergo multiple tasting tests until our chefs are completely satisfied.


Our desserts are simply marvellous - recipes rich in fruit, traditional staples and unique creations made with ingredients selected for their quality and tastes.
We also offer a number of iconic French pastries  are always a hit with dessert lovers.


In addition, we regularly reinvent our recipes in response to your requests and needs. We like to think of ourselves as an innovation think tank and have come up with endless varieties of your favourite recipes. You may fur- ther adapt them to create your own exclusive products.
In 2016, 30 recipes were modified in a range created to better serve you in the preparation of beautiful and high-quality desserts. We strive for excel- lence in all of our products. Our fruit-based desserts are bold and punchy in flavour; one product combines the smoothness of mascarpone with the sharpness of Sicilian lemons to create a uniquely fresh and creamy treat.
entremet raisin

We make all of our confits (rich compote/jam) with generous amounts of fruit to give them a truly authentic taste. We only se- lect the best ingredients from our suppliers; for example, our blackcurrant confit is made ex- clusively with DOP Burgundy blackcurrants, selected for their unique flavour.

We also like to break with tradition in o ering new and original desserts. We in- vite you to discover our liégeois range: a collection of flu y and smooth whipped cream desserts. For those in search of old-fashioned good taste, we’ve revisited the classics with an original and gourmet twist. For example, our raspberry cake is served on a fresh raspberry base.

entremet framboise

Perfect for receptions, family dinners and celebrations, our time- less desserts will be a fixture at your table, festive essentials for any occasion...


In the pages of this catalogue you will find details about the various shapes and sizes of our desserts, from individual ser- vings to block, half-block and strips.
To make your life easier, we’ve developed systems for dividing and optimising your desserts.


Let this be your guide
to our palette of flavours. If you have any
special requests, we’re here to listen!
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