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feuille geste
Following the results of many years of experience, our range of pastry sheets and strips can be used for an unlimited number of recipes.
Our main objective: to simplify your work process with products that are des- igned to meet all of your requirements.

feuille nature

Our charlotte sponge strips respect tradition to the letter. A signature product of our line, they are just one example of our commitment to deliver high-quality recipes that are unrivaled in the current market.

Our secret: we use fresh eggs (30%) and an artisanal method to create a honeycomb-textured and extremely soft dough. A fine layer of meringue adds crunch, and a dusting of icing sugar gives the pastry a perfect gourmet look.

Our charlotte sponge strip is made with 23 or 26 biscuits placed side by side, and is ideal for individual charlottes or whole charlotte cakes that may be divided in slices.
Let your imagination run wild with fruit- or chocolate-based recipes that can be prepared in no time.


feuille joconde
feuille parfumee

Joconde and génoise sponge sheets are widely used in the preparation of desserts. We o er a comprehensive line of products that give you full creative freedom and respond to your particular requirements.
Our joconde sponge sheets are made using a traditional recipe that has been adapted for industrial production in order to meet high consumer demand.
We offer undecorated sheets for the buildup of middle layers desserts, and prin- ted sheets for the surface layers. If you’d like to take your desserts to the next level, we’re here to help! Sheets are available in warm colours for your choco-late- and coffee-flavoured desserts, and in brighter colours for your fruit-based creations.

What do strawberry cakes, raspberry cakes and black forest cakes have in common? Alternating layers of cream, fruit and sponge sheet. We offer a large variety of these products, available in plain or chocolate versions to adapt to your needs. They are always made using traditional recipes and are available at room temperature or frozen—the choice is yours!
To add a gourmet touch to your desserts, we also offer thicker sheets
(20 mm x 7 mm) to use as a pastry base.


Our coconut Dacquoise sheets (another variety of sponge base) are made with almond powder (18% by weight) and coconut powder (8% by weight), a combi- nation of bold tastes and textures that contrast nicely with the cream layers.


The great strength of our biscuits range is their amazing texture. Flu y, tender, melt-in-your mouth pastry sheets with a surprising crunch, they are the perfect match for all types of cream and fruit fillings.

feuille succes

Almond meringue sheets can be used to create the one and only opera cake, a cornerstone of French traditional pastry made with almond meringue biscuit. Our sheets contain 14% almond powder for a unique taste and a perfect texture.

Rectangle separation bande charlotte

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