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kit desserts
Our kits offer you the tools to create desserts that will tempt and delight your clients!
Kits are available at room temperature or frozen to meet your needs and we have taken into account your specific requests in developing them. Our kits include a biscuit base as well as a biscuit-lined mould, ready to be filled with pastry cream.
They are available in different diameters for individual desserts or for pastries that can be divided into 4, 6 or 8 slices. Shapes vary depending on the time of year, and we offer heart- shapes and egg-shaped kits suitable for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter.

kit 3 taille

Our charlotte kit is the star of this range.

Its biscuit is made using a traditional recipe. We always use fresh eggs, which make up 30% of products content. The texture of the biscuit is extremely light and fluffy. A crunchy meringue crust forms when baked. For the perfect traditional look, we dust our biscuit with icing sugar. An absolute must for all of your charlotte recipes.

can be adapted for a wide variety of desserts. Be creative with cream, mousse and fruit fillings. We’ve taken care of the pastry base so that you can spend your time assembling desserts.
Made with a traditional recipe, joconde sponge will tempt you with its simplicity. Fine, light, smooth and tender to the bite, its flavour evokes comforting memories of childhood. If you’d like to give your desserts a different shape, you can always use joconde sponge sheets, available in the same recipes and designs.
kit framboise
At room temperature or frozen,
the choice is yours according to your particular needs.

Rectangle separation bande bleu vert

We are always updating our products to keep them fresh and exciting. Cocoa bases can be used for your chocolate desserts, and pink ones for your fruit-based creations. The choice is yours.
kit feuille
kit vichy

Our new range is inspired
by the 60s fashion!
Gingham prints are now fashion-
able everywhere, in home decor,
furniture, kitchenware… even in
pastry designs.

kit tendance vichy
Ride the Gingham wave:
it’s simple,
beautiful and delicious !
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