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choux creme
For several years now
we have supplied choux pastry shells to our clients.

They are made using a traditional French recipe. In our range, you will also find mini desserts to serve at buffets or with a nice “Café Gourmand”. Slightly larger, our lunch-sized options are perfect for cocktail parties or appetizer trays, and our standard shells can be used for eclairs.

choux geste
gamme choux

Shells are available at room temperature or frozen.

choux garni

Rectangle separation bande bleu jaune

Our Parisian-style choux puff
sets us apart from our competitors.

What is it? It’s an ENORMOUS 92 mm choux puff with ruffled edges for a unique touch. It’s a true delicacy when filled with pastry cream. Well known in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, it is relatively rare in France.
There’s no need to wait any longer:
if you’re looking for a unique gourmet treat,
this is the right choux for you!
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