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short cake
Have you tried caramel shortcake?
Millionaire’s shortbread?
Not yet? You should.
Biscuit with a good buttery taste,
a layer of poured caramel,
all covered with a thick layer of milk chocolate.
short cake caramel

This cake comes to us from the United Kingdom and our English factory, the Handmade Cake Company, has the know-how needed to bring out the good home-made taste. An ultra-gourmet look, the use of excellent raw materials and a worthy touch of an artisan make it an exceptional product.

Rectangle separation bande bleu rose

This delicious caramel shortcake also comes in a gluten-free version to meet a growing demand that now represents one in ten customers.
Even better, this takes nothing away from the flavour which has been selected as a
«Great Taste awards»
in 2014.
short cake gluten free
It’s crunchy, it melts in the mouth and indulgent:
who could resist the temptation?
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