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tartelette noisette
Desserts are impossible to resist!
As a dessert or an indulgent snack, this hazelnut caramel mini-tart will satisfy your sweet tooth. You’ll appreciate its generosity and originality. Served on a plate, alone or using your little creative touch, it’s made for desserts lovers.
And it is also easy to hold as its size makes it perfect for eating on the go.

Rectangle separation bande bleu roseclair

The success of this mini-tart is based on many assets:
First of all, good, crunchy, sweet pastry with a fine buttery taste. Have you noticed the picture in our brochure? To prevent the pastry going soggy, our pastry chefs have developed an innovative concept. This process, without additives or preservatives, is their secret... more crispiness and fewer waste at the end of the day.
In addiction to this mini-tart base, we have set a thin crunchy layer of chocolate and hazelnut to make it even crispier. And finally a delicious, smooth, gooey chocolate caramel finally top this base to give more sweetness.

tartelette noisette caramel
tartelette noisette choco

The secret of the cream?
A non-bitter chocolate and a caramel
with a good old-fashioned sweet taste.
The finish is no less generous or less crunchy,
because this delightful dessert is enhanced with chopped hazelnut.

“ This fully-baked product is ready to serve
after thawing, just in time to get
your taste buds ready!
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